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Boutique hotels

"Boutique Hotel" is a term originating in North America to describe intimate, quirky and generally luxurious surroundings. Hotels, shops differentiate themselves from the largest hotel chain or brand by offering a unique and personalized level of accommodation, services and facilities. Because of their financial success in the most recent past, there have been attempts to create channels have adopted the "boutique" look and feel. In the United States, this trend has been initiated by the "W" hotel chain in the 1990's and, more recently, this trend can be seen in chains as "elevation", "NYLO", "Hyatt Place" and others. result of this undertaking adaptation of the concept, the term "boutique" has also changed, and, more recently, hoteliers prefer to use the term "lifestyle hotel" to get away from the picture Eccentric mentioned above.

Boutique hotels are sometimes arranged in a theme, style and / or so idealistic. Although generally much smaller than a large hotel (ranging from 3 to 100 rooms) boutique hotels are generally equipped with a telephone and wi-fi Internet connections, bars and honesty often cable / pay TV. Guest services attended by hotel staff 24 hours. Many boutique hotels have on-site dining room, and most offer attractive bars and lounges, which may also be open to the general public.

Of the total travel market is a small percentage travellers, who attach great importance to privacy, luxury and service delivery. This market is generally insensitive price (made up of both high-end leisure and business), non-seasonal, high-yield and repeat, and that is why boutique hotel operators and other high-end as target their main source of income. [Edit]
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World-record setting hotels


The largest hotel in the world is thought to be the Burj al-Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 280 meters, but will soon be overtaken by the nearby Rose Rotana Suites at 333 metres (1091 feet). The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang aimed to reach 330 meters (1083 feet), but it is unlikely to be completed, it has been under construction since 1987 and was discontinued in 1992. The Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand has a building 309 meters high, but the rooms do not go all the way to the top.

Hotel rooms are higher in the Grand Hyatt in the Jin Mao Building in Shanghai, the higher floor to approximately 350 m

The largest hotel in the World is the Las Vegas MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, with a total of 6,276 rooms [2] as of December 20, 2006. On December 18, 2006 Guinness World Records listed the First World Hotel in Genting Highlands, Malaysia [1] as one of the biggest hotels. It has a total of 6118 rooms and is part of the Genting Highlands Resort and Casino. The First World Plaza, which is attached to two towers hotel has 500000 square feet (50000 square metres) of the theme park inside, shopping malls, areas of casino gaming and breweries. Previously, Guinness has entered the Las Vegas MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States with 5005 rooms, the largest hotel in the world [2].

In the past, other hotels have held the title of largest hotel in the world, in terms of number of rooms. These include the Rossiya Hotel (3200 rooms) near the Red Square in Moscow and Ambassador City Jomtien (4210 rooms) in Pattaya, Thailand. Other major hotels being considered for a development that may one day take the title are in Penang, Malaysia and Macao.

On December 20, 2007, with the opening of The Palace, The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas claims to be the biggest in the world with 7,025 rooms spread over three rounds. [Edit]


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest hotel still active is the Hoshi Ryokan, in the "Awazu Onsen" zone Komatsu, Japan. It opened its doors in 717 and the characteristics of hot springs.
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Whether you are a thrill seeker or simply wishing to be connected with nature, Adventure Hyatt at the Hyatt Resorts offers vacation activities that will excite you. From scuba diving an island off the coast, biking through a trail of dirt, riding in the high desert, the study of breathtaking view in a hot air balloon The adventure holiday with Hyatt are guaranteed to get your heart pounding.

Choose from one of our 18 stations are unique in the continental United States, Hawaii and the Caribbean, and to ensure that your holidays are moments in the life of adventure you ever wanted.
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Air Adventure Adventure Land Hyatt ® water adventure Hyatt Hyatt ®
Look for adventure holidays

Make the most of your holiday with Hyatt E-Concierge. Once you have booked your trip, just ask for a confirmation email and use our revolutionary Hyatt E-Concierge, where you can browse and plan many of your adventurous activities before you ever leave home . With the planning process, when you arrive at your holiday destination, you can start right away.

Adventure Hyatt ® Term
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Perfect family vacations at resorts HYATT

* See all places Hyatt Resort

Let Hyatt Resorts help you discover and experience truly perfect family vacation filled with fun activities for the whole family. Explore ancient history of horse. Floating in a lazy river. Or simply a Wild Mountain Berry Scrub. With programs such as Camp Hyatt activities for teenagers and a new children's menu, our kid friendly holidays mean tht the whole family enjoys. Click on the links below to learn more about what makes Hyatt Resorts the right choice for a family holiday.

Family activities
Family Activities

If you are interested in the adventures fun for the whole family, Hyatt Resorts offers options to keep everyone happy. Enjoy the splendor of hot air balloon on New Mexico or a wildlife tour in Maui, or search for bottle-nosed dolphins off the coast of Florida. With so many family-oriented options, you will want to come back year after year.

Kid friendly vacation trips and the family Hyatt graphic link
Kid friendly vacation Camp Hyatt

For ages 3-12 (some stations may vary), Camp Hyatt offers supervised activities that focus on the culture, history and environment of each destination. From dancing hula in Hawaii with dolphins on Florida Gulf Coast, Camp Hyatt is designed to make your child's holiday as memorable as yours. Finally, kid friendly vacations that delivers what they promise!

Best hotel pools perfect kid splashing a family holiday in the pool chart
The best hotel pools at the Hyatt Central Splash

Hyatt Resorts family understands that the ideal completion of the pool holidays. To help you splashing, swimming and slide, we let our imaginations run wild to create some of the best hotel pools in the world.

Cranium Game Library
Cranium ® Game Library

Guests can have fun through games like Whoonu ™, and Hullabaloo ® Zigity ® from our library of Cranium games while enjoying their family vacation. The children will also receive a complimentary Cranium ® Family Fun Game Pack ™ Trial on arrival.

Perfect family holiday kid's menu graphics
Kid menus

Children can now enjoy the adventures of Johnny and Jenny venture with a new menu for children at all Hyatt Resort. While eating, children will receive an interactive carpet to enjoy during the meal. The menu offers kid tested favorites balanced with healthy options, such as mini burgers with a choice of fries or broccoli. Perfect family holidays simply can not get any better!

Activities for teens
Activities for teens

At Hyatt Resorts, we ensure that our customers are never bored teen. Captivante with a menu of teen activities to choose at each of our 18 stations, they will be safe to make friends, find something new and create great memories.

Planning for a family vacation graph of a deluxe room
Planning a family vacation

Give yourself a little more space to enjoy your family vacation. With Hyatt Plan of the family, parents can save up to 50% off a second room for children. Call 180055 HYATT contract or your travel planner for the Family Plan reserves.

Camp Hyatt
Children who need special assistance

Hyatt Resorts help make your family vacation memorable and comfortable for everyone. If your family member has special needs requiring a handicapped-accessible room, the preparation of specific foods, or any other form of assistance, please let us know in advance of your stay. Our goal is to provide the ideal way to enjoy a family vacation at all!

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